Our Mission:

Child Wellness & School Readiness

The Center for Resilience is the only therapeutic day treatment/partial hospital program in Louisiana. We provide educational and intensive mental health supports in an innovative partnership with the Tulane University Medical School Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to ensure the emotional well-being and academic readiness of children with emotional health and trauma-related needs in the Greater New Orleans region. Children receive instructional, medical, and therapeutic services at our day program site on the campus of Children's Hospital, with the goal of building the skills to successfully transition back to the traditional school setting.

We let the kids take a little bit of the lead...we also learn to celebrate incremental victories and to tolerate some background noise - sometimes a lot of background noise - in a way that it wouldn’t normally be in a [traditional] school setting.
— Bill Murphy, Board Chair - Christian Science Monitor

Our Program

The Center provides caring, non-punitive, therapeutic milieu with positive behavioral supports, trauma-informed approaches, evidence-based mental health practices, small-group classroom instruction, and therapeutic recreation activities. We also offer itinerant home-bound instruction and counseling services, and school-based consultations on request.

Our trauma-informed programming model combines equal parts academic programming, therapeutic & clinical services, and medical services.


Academic Programming

Includes daily individual or small group instruction; focus on math and reading; participation in Louisiana state assessments; homebound/community-based instruction, and more!

Therapeutic & Clinical Services

Includes daily group and twice per week individual therapy; family therapy; behavior data tracking; daily therapeutic recreational activities, and more!

Medical Services

Includes psychiatric assessment; medication management; coordination with psychiatric and acute care hospitals, and more!

A lot of the children that I work with have voiced pretty much from the beginning that they are bad kids and that that’s why they’re here...When they do something that is disruptive or aggressive, just reiterating ‘I’m still here, I still think you’re a good kid, there’s really nothing you can do to change my mind about that, but we’re gonna work on some of the things you struggle with.’ And try to differentiate the child from the behavior.
— Dr. Laura Marques, Clinical Director - WWNO

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