Make A Referral

Our ongoing referral process is a collaborative effort involving all appropriate stakeholders. The steps in the process are as follows:

  1. Home School | Determines that child is non-responsive to a variety of interventions and fits the profile and criteria for the Center for Resilience.

  2. Home School | Prepares and submits referral paperwork, including referral packet and related materials.

  3. CfR (Child Services Coordinator) | Reviews file for completeness and compliance with application criteria, and sends school response.

  4. CfR (Leadership Team) | When file is complete, reviews file for fit.

  5. Home School | If fit is determined based on file, school secures permission from parent/guardian tho have CfR staff conduct on-site observation and requests parent participation in psychiatric evaluation.

  6. CfR (Clinical Team) | CfR clinical team conducts psychological evaluation with child and family at school site.

  7. CfR (Clinical Team) | Conducts site visit at home school, including conversations with staff and student observation.

  8. CfR (Directors) | Makes final decision regarding student entry into program, and notifies home school of acceptance or rejection.

Note: If the parent or guardian is unable to participate in the psychiatric evaluation and/or consent for medical treatment, placement at CfR cannot be considered.